Cinema 4D XPresso Rig to create arch segment splines with a large number of options.
ArcSplineRig allows you to create spline, animate it, add geometry, etc.

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  1. Spline property settings: length, offset, color, material, number of points, etc.
  2. Geometry. Rig allows you to immediately create arches Sweep Nurbs object.
  3. Pike and tail. Objects that are attached to the top and end of a the spline.
  4. Target. The place where the ends spline. You can animate the object using the MoGraph effectors.
  5. All animation tracks of each null objects, you can distribute to sequence using Time offset parameter on python-tag.
  6. You can bake into separate spline objects for export to other packages or for other purposes — Bake Arc Spline setting  on python-tag.


Required Cinema 4D R16 Studio and higher.

Additional information

C4D Compatibility

R22, R23, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21


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