Random Text Spline Generator for Cinema 4D


Add randomized text effects to Cinema 4D spline generator.

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Random Text Spline Generator for Cinema 4D is a text spline generator object that dynamically changes letters in words by replacing them with random characters.

Settings Description:

  1. Start, End, Offset – specify the beginning, end, and offset for substituting random characters within a word.
  2. Random Order – activates random character replacement mode.
  3. Progress – sets the percentage of replaced characters (from 0 to 100%).
  4. Seed – determines the randomness seed for the order of character replacement.
  5. User Random Text – user-defined characters used for replacement.
  6. Random Symbols – specifies the character set for generating random characters.
    – User – characters from the User Random Text field.
    – Uppercase – random uppercase characters.
    – Lowercase – random lowercase characters.
    – Uppercase and Lowercase – random characters with both uppercase and lowercase.
    – Uppercase, Lowercase and Digits – random characters with both uppercase, lowercase, and digits.
  7. Animate – enables the transition from one random character to another with each frame, as defined by the Skip Frame parameter.
  8. Seed – specifies the randomness seed for replaced characters.

Additional information

C4D Compatibility

2023, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, 2024, R19, R20, R21




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