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Create stunning typographics effects with variable fonts inside Cinema 4D!

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Variable fonts have revolutionized the world of typography by introducing a flexible and dynamic approach to font design. With their adjustable attributes or axes, these fonts offer numerous advantages for designers and developers.

Mike Udin VariText

Unlike traditional fonts with fixed styles, variable fonts allow for seamless adjustments along various axes, such as weight, width, slant and more. This versatility enables designers to create custom font variations tailored to specific design needs, providing greater creative freedom.

MikeUdin Varitext for Cinema4D Example

With variable fonts, multiple font styles can be consolidated into a single file, reducing the file size and enhancing performance. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for web design, where optimizing page loading times is crucial. The flexibility of variable fonts extends to animations and interactivity. Designers can animate font attributes smoothly, allowing for engaging and dynamic typography effects. This adds a layer of visual interest and enhances user experience in interactive applications. With VariText, you can now harness the full potential of variable fonts within Cinema 4D. Seamlessly integrate this cutting-edge technology into your projects and unlock a world of possibilities!

VariText Interface

Key features

✅ Variables fonts seamless integration into Cinema 4D workflow.

Say goodbye to limitations imposed by traditional fonts. VariText enables you to effortlessly manipulate font attributes, including weight, width, slant, and more. Create custom variations that suit your design vision and ensure that your typography truly stands out.

✅ Support up to 15 variable font axes


✅ Word spacing

✅ Control each variable font axis with Cinema 4D Fields

VariText seamlessly integrates with Cinema 4D’s powerful Fields functionality, giving you unparalleled typographic control. Use fields to drive and animate the variable font axes, allowing for precise adjustments and dynamic transformations. Explore endless possibilities for expressive and engaging typography.

Linear Field

Formula Field

Random Field


Cinema 4D R20 and upper
Python v3.11 (or upper) installed


Additional information

C4D Compatibility

2023, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, 2024, R20, R21


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