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Cinema 4D Deformer plugin that allows to produce random geometric patterns based on a rectangle.

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PolyDivider is a Cinema 4D Deformer plugin that makes polygon subdivisions with procedural algorithm designed to produce random geometric patterns based on a rectangle.

The idea came from the type of diagrams called “treemaps”, that takes a rectangle and splits it vertically and then horizontally. The outcome is fed to the loop, again and again, depending on the number of user defined iterations. A seed value and slight alterations of the algorithm produce a variety of results.

Here is some examples of the this technique created by Dimitris Ladopoulos with Houdini:

Mike Udin PolyDivider

PolyDivider Examples

Polygon Subdivide Algorithm
Credit: Dimitris Ladopoulos


Poly Divider Mosaic


PolyDivider required Cinema 4D R20 and upper, Win/Mac

Current Known Limitations

  • Plugin interprets N-gons like subdivided polygons
  • Extrude Inner function do not working with non planar polygons

How it works

cinema4d polydivider plugin
Polydivider Attributes






Extrude and Extrude Inner


Slide Examples

Additional information

C4D Compatibility

R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R20, R21


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