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Surprisingly, Cinema 4D does not natively allow the output of materials in separate passes, either as a white mask or as each material represented in different colors. TakeMatPass is a plug-in for Cinema 4D R17 and higher that can create an additional «take» with a mask of the material that can be output as a Material ID pass or multiple white masks.

akeMatPass Example image

White matte mode

For each selected material in the material manager, TakeMatPass creates a separate take, where material is displayed with a white mask, and everything else, through the Material Override function, is black.

Color ID mode

TakeMatPass White matte

For all selected materials, TakeMatPass creates take with the name «MaterialID», here each material is displayed with a separate unique color.


  1. In the current version, TakeMatPass works only with standard Cinema 4D materials.

  2. Each take operates independently as a separate document. Therefore, when rendering takes, you must first of all to bake simulations: dynamics, particles mograph animation and so forth.

Check out TakeMatPass here!