Cinema 4D XPresso: Thinking Particles


In this series of tutorials, which offers you more than 5 hours of videos, we will go through the creation of advanced Thinking Particles effects in Cinema 4D.

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Thinking Particles is a node-based particle system, which has a huge power and flexibility, and uses the Cinema 4D XPresso Editor for the creation and editing of its various nodes.
In this series of tutorials, which offers you more than 5 hours of videos, we will go through the creation of advanced particles effects in Cinema 4D. Also there are several videos, that will explain how you can solve some issues using XPresso: creating Vertex maps, working with splines using Python nodes, working with Mograph-effectors etc.
This course is for Cinema 4D users who know the basics of XPresso. For those who want to expand their experience of the program, who want to extract from its functionality the maximum of opportunities.

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Languages: English, Russian
Duration: 5 hours 50 min
Video format: HD 720p
Autors: Mike Udin, Sergey Shipov
English translation: Alexander Kolyasa
Availability: Instant Download
Project files: Included

Video playlist

  1. Ray Collision
    Moving particles between points in space and the surface of geometry.
  2. Vertex Map. Bubbles effect
    Inflating bubbles effect below the surface.
  3. Animated Particles. Bubbles
    Practical work with animated particles.
  4. Spirals Rain
    Particles motion along a spiral.
  5. Vertex Map. Create with Falloff
    Manipulating vertex maps using XPresso Falloff Node features.
  6. Hadron Collider particles collision
    Effect of colliding particles.
  7. Cartoon smoke
    Stylized smoke animation.
  8. Spline Emitter Tips
    Using spline as particles emitter.
  9. Center Gravity and Dividing Cells
    Dividing cell effects and moving particles to center.
  10. Missile launch
    Missiles launch simulation.
  11. Particles velocity and Color
    How to define particles acceleration and color from a moving emitter.
  12. Animated Particles. Circles
    Practical work with animated particles.
  13. Spline Connect Points
    Dynamics of splines connected to particles.
  14. Sample Node
    Using effectors to change properties of non-Mograph objects.
  15. Surface Flow
    Moving particles along the geometry surface.
  16. Heat Head
    Change the surface of the model with deformation and emission of particles.
  17. Spline Python Node
    Spline segment generator. Creating a crystal lattice.
  18. Curl Python Node
    Particles swirl movement along the surface.

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English, Russian