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Cinema 4D Script: Apply Random Material

Let’s write a script that allows us to randomly assign active materials to selected objects. It is also worth mentioning my free Shuffler plugin, which randomly changes the properties of objects.

Source code

5 thoughts on “Cinema 4D Script: Apply Random Material

  1. Is there a way to randomly apply selected materials to selected object polygons ?

    1. Sure.
      If you using Cinema 4D R20 and higher you can create polygon selections with Fields and then apply selection tags to materials.

      1. Thank you for answer, but this solution is not exactly what I was in mind 🙂 Fields create random selections but I want to randomly spread four materials between all selected polygons. Here is example form Lightwave :

        1. Ah, in this case you need to write script🤷‍♂️

  2. This script is fantastic!
    Big thanks

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