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New Cinema 4D Plugin: VariText

VaryText for Cinema 4D. Variable fonts text generator

Create stunning typographics effects with variable fonts inside Cinema 4D!
With variable fonts, multiple font styles can be consolidated into a single file, reducing the file size and enhancing performance. The flexibility of variable fonts extends to animations and interactivity. Designers can animate font attributes smoothly, allowing for engaging and dynamic typography effects. This adds a layer of visual interest and enhances user experience in interactive applications. With VariText, you can now harness the full potential of variable fonts within Cinema 4D!

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Cinema 4D Python: Using FieldList UI

Cinema 4D Python FieldList

Fields in Cinema 4D represent a breakthrough in the realm of 3D design and animation. Their versatility, creative control, and integration with other features make them indispensable tools for artists seeking to push the boundaries of their imagination. With Fields, artists can create stunning visual effects, realistic simulations, and intricate details that captivate viewers and elevate their work to new heights. As Cinema 4D continues to evolve, Fields will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of 3D artistry.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the incredible synergy between Cinema 4D’s FieldList UI and Python Generator. Whether you’re an experienced professional or an aspiring enthusiast, this exploration will inspire and expand your creative horizons.

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Best IDE for Cinema 4D plugins development

VSCode with Cinema 4D Connection

A new Cinema 4D R2023.2.0 update offers Code Exchanger. Function that makes possible to communicate between Cinema 4D and Visual Studio Code. So that developers can send and/or execute a Python script from Cinema 4D to Visual Studio and vice-versa. In addition, the Visual Studio Code Extension improves the developer experience for all Cinema 4D developers because it makes it offers auto-complete the *.c4d Python package, debugging support, syntax highlighting for *.res and *.str files and even the output of the Python console directly in Visual Studio Code. So let’s find out how to setup this IDE to use with Cinema 4D R2023.2.0 for best python development.

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Cinema 4D R23 Mac OSX compatibility

Cinema 4D on OSX_10.13.6

With the release of the new version of Cinema 4D R23, unpleasant news came to the plugin and script developers. This application now uses Python 3.7.7. Of course, there are quite serious differences from the previous version 2.7, so for full compatibility it is necessary to carefully check the code of each script and plugin and, if necessary, make changes.

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