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Free plugin: AoB Sparkle Shader v1.0


AoB Sparkle Shader it’s a free Cinema 4D plugin can be used to create an insane amount of flakes on surfaces, which behave correctly in regard to specular lightning and reflections. After posting this video some time ago people asking me many times where to download this plug-in because original links is broken already. So here it is!

Author Notice

The Sparkle Shader is not listed under freebies, because it is a fully grown Cinetool, which just never made it to a release… as plugin development is stopped now, I decided to release it for free!


• No UVW mapping necessary
• A lot of control and advanced parameters for more complex mappings
• It is a shader, no post effect and therefore interacts with the scene
• Several Flake Layers which can be mixed together individually
• Each Flake Layer has its own settings: Layers, Sparkling, Particle Settings, Specular, Reflection, Fresnel
• The internal Fresnel helps reproducing the „depth“ of the layer and also optimizes rendertimes
• Additional Fresnel slot for shaders
• The Sparkle Shader can be used for example in the Luminance Channel You still can control Reflection and the Specular of the material independently
• Within the AR, the shader can raytrace reflections
• Very small memory footprint, does not need any internal maps
• Works with Subpolygon Displacement
• In-/Exclude lights per Sparkle-Shader for speed optimization


I am constantly asked if there is a version of this plugin for Cinema 4D R20 and above. Unfortunately the developer of SPARKLE SHADER is currently not available. But there is a solution! With the free Insidyum Bridge plugin. To do this, simply copy the files of both plugins into one folder and specify it in Cinema 4D Preferences: Edit > Preferences > Plugins. Download Insidyum Bridge here:

Mac version (Not tested)

Sample Shaders Library

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8 thoughts on “Free plugin: AoB Sparkle Shader v1.0

  1. Mike, thanks so much for reposting the plugin!
    I’m having trouble getting the shader to load in R19, have “AoB – Sparkle Shader v1.0 R16” in the R19 > plugins folder, anything I’m missing?

  2. Which system do you use? This plug-in for PC. You have to search new shader on shader list of material properties.

  3. Please. Please make a short tutorial for how to use this. I’d be very grateful to you. I’ve been trying to figure this out like forever. Also if in future you plan to make this compatible with Redshift.

    1. Sorry, this plugin is not developed by me

  4. Hi I’m trying to install on mac! having trouble after putting into my plugins folder can you go over the steps?

    1. This plug-in for PC.🤷‍♀️

  5. i tied to run it on r20 also using insydiyum bridge but unfortunatly it doesnt show up on my plugins tab

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